Raven Hudgins

YA Paranormal Romance

Knowing someone will die is easy; trying to save them is the hard part.

Eighteen year-old banshee, Aislin Gray is experiencing the worst thing in her teenage life, having premonitions of her true love’s death. Kaelin has come back into her life after leaving so long ago only to be pushed away by Aislin with each new vision of his death. Instead of watching from the sidelines like her nature entails, she fights to save him. As the visions change with each decision she makes, she grows more desperate to alter his fate, inadvertently telling him about the supernatural world. The Court, the lawmakers of the paranormal world, is out for their blood as the existence of the paranormal is revealed to a human. Aislin will do anything to prevent his demise even if it means starting a war between the supernatural beings.

Death Callers is a 51,000 word YA paranormal romance where fate meets defiance as love is the catalyst between life and death. There is potential for a series.