Dying is one thing, but soul transference is a whole other issue.

Seventeen year-old Max has lived a normal life up until Caleb arrives in town. His life is flipped upside down

when after being rejected by his true love, he ends up in a car crash. His soul is

transferred into his spirit animal, a white fox, while his body is locked in a coma. If that wasn’t

bad enough, Caleb is trying to steal his love’s soul to stay young. Now Max must find a

way to get his soul back into his body to save her. Max must fight to save the love he knows may never love him back.

 If he can’t, her soul and life will be lost along with any chance of ever living a normal life in his human body.

Kiwaku is a 51,000 word YA Paranormal Romance loosely based on Pawnee mythology.